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IP March Madness 2021

April 1, 2021

In case you missed any, here are the March Madness bouts!

Terry the Cultist vs. Thunder McScruggins 00:00
Qeck vs. Geneva Vansk 01:56
Dreg Dij vs. Slava 03:43
Heff, eh vs. Numb & Skull 05:47
Alstoff Tinnerman vs. Samuel Koltice 07:57
Janella vs. Tenchie 10:56
Hulsa, Tulsa and Eckle vs. Kraylakeenah 13:14
Heraphina vs. Cambel 14:57
Thunder McScruggins vs. Dreg Dij 17:02
Qeck vs. Numb & Skull 18:59
Alstoff Tinnerman vs. Kraylakeenah 21:12
Janella vs. Cambel 23:19
Thunder McScruggins vs. Kraylakeenah 25:14
Qeck vs. Cambel 27:21
Thunder McScruggins vs. Qeck 29:12

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