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IP March Madness 2020

April 3, 2020

In case you missed any, here are the March Madness bouts!

Hank Applebees vs. Ruegar Alebender 00:00
Grimby Chum vs. Chucky The Arcanist 01:41
Horic vs. Mother Celeste 03:54
Klash Bone Collector vs. Stat'Dorf 05:49
Sardos the Magician vs Erica 07:54
Roland Rite vs. Tolstoff Meladin 09:53
Isabella Goode vs. Brendal Fendon 11:18
Baryat the Vicious vs. Blake Lakely 12:47
Ruegar Alebender vs. Horic 14:09
Chucky the Arcanist vs. Klash Bone Collector 15:38
Sardos the Revenant vs. Isabella Goode 16:54
Roland Rite vs. Baryat the Vicious 18:25
Ruegar Alebender vs. Klash Bone Collector 19:43
Sardos the Revenant vs. Baryat the Vicious 21:13
Ruegar Alebender vs. Sardos the Revenant 22:19

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